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Country Singer Songwriter

Who is Mariah Rose?

Combining her New England heart and southern soul, Mariah Rose is a 31-year-old country singer/ songwriter from Massachusetts. Although she has been singing for most of her life, she took a hiatus in her mid-20s to explore other avenues before realizing that music was her true calling. "The 5 year hiatus wasn't something that I had planned for but I do think that it brought me closer to music and more in tune with who I want to be as an artist." During her hiatus, she participated in bodybuilding competitions and gained knowledge about the human body, as well as improved her overall health and wellness. "Having now experienced the willpower of what it takes to diet so extremely, I believe it put an edge to what I'm truly capable of in life in general." She started a blog to document her experiences, offer advice on managing particular situations or thoughts, and shared workout routines and recipes. "I initially believed that I had important ideas and perspectives to share with the world, but I eventually discovered that the true voice I needed to express was one that I had kept hidden in an old box in my closet."

Her sound would be described as having a pop and rock and roll edge with a country twang, drawing inspiration from contemporary country rock, old-school rock and roll, and 90s country for her releases to come this year. Mariah made her mark as an artist with the release of her debut single "Young Girl" in 2022, and she plans to release more songs this year that maintain a rhythm, incorporate head-banging, and naturally weave in a narrative.

Throughout her career, Mariah has delivered several performances, including singing the National Anthem for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and Boston's Hard Rock Cafe. In April 2022, Mariah was featured as Country 102.5's Local Catch of The Week, and was also nominated for Rising Star of MA by the New England Music Awards 2022.

"Country music always has and always will be a part of me. It's something that I was raised on and what my parents were raised on. There's something about the realness and authenticity of it that pulled me in and what I hope will pull in the listeners with more of my own releases to come!"

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